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stead they should be supplied with milk, which is not stimulating,
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woods, with only nature's soft carpet beneath them, and the sweet,
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the plethoric, in which the disease may assume several phases and
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than wdien the stomach alone is affected. Sometimes the pelvic
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disease to have two indications jiresent to our minds, viz., (1) to
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for such an irregular localization : the occurrence of a previous injury,
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While these are found at an age past middle life, it by no means follows that
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grain pill of the iodide of iron may be used three times a day.
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the stomach, and metallic taste in the mouth, the vomiting of glairy
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which may give to the patient somewhat the appearance of one suffer-
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to many months. Rosenstein quotes the history of such a patient, in whom
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not weaken the heart. Any further modification of treatment is not
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the reduction of corpulence. Among the directions for training, both
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between the fibres of the ventricular wall. The valves rarely show any
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When constipation exists, a drop of the tincture of nux vomica
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Solis-Cohen, S., and Saundby : International Clinics (3), iv., 1894.
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course of the waters instituted for the purpose of reducing the pa-
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from analogies furnished by the condition of the joints, kichieys, and
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mob about his office threatening to lynch him if his patient, (a Mrs.
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and upon the spinal nerve sheaths. Sometimes the cerebro-spinal