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ture from the pharynx in purely laryngeal cases. " When a bacteriologic

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belonging to nephritis. In other instances they are merely congested.

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sible out of doors, and dress for the weather. They should

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Janeway, that dogs and men bitten by skunks do not always

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air bath. The urea, which was before the bath six grains to the ounce,

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toxines of these stings, sufficient antidotal and antitoxic prop-

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referred to in these histories is the circular douche.

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Thrombosis of the femoral vein is best treated by elevating the part

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of acute nephritis, there is almost invariably associated a decided edema.

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always accompanied by dilatation of the cutaneous vessels, which

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by a rise of temperature. But, as the rise sometimes precedes the

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channel, passing close by the celebrated Eddystone Light-

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which rises rapidly, together with a marked and early appearing pros-

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Principles of Surginil yursing. A Guide to ^lodeni Surgical

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may present marked irregularities. Pulmonary infarction and abscess

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not helped as to their tuberculosis, and died before the test

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country at least. Liebermeister, however, has met with a number of

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sonous. The climate, soil, and environment must make a

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the chairman might not be able to answer. Clearly, the man to

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3. Treatment of Remittent Fever. — The mode of treatment in this form

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fined himself to ascertaining their effects upon tissue metamorphosis.

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point of flexion. This is followed by extension without effort.

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however, has the disease been widely known in Europe and America, and

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was always personally popular with them. Several years

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Often in sevei'e forms (such as are apt to arise in old, much enfeebled,

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proved and superior, makes us all more exposed to these

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signed, naval surgeon, who took up civil practice in San

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tion as a practical measure so far as my experience with him

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spasmodic action of the diaphragm, which seems to threaten cessation