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added to the ordmary Arts curricula a course in Hebrew, in Arabic and in Sanscrit. No
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ern clinical medicine, quite as at home by the bedside as in the laboratory,
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tic amboceptor. There is also present normally in the blood serum
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Dr. William C. Harmount is in practice at 125 South Lang Avenue,
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expenses; Dr. Christian A. Herter, $9,822 salary and $3,518 expenses; Dr.
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you want is the names and residences of those who are now in the division.
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development of these attributes all too often went hand in hand
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In cross-examination witness refused to state whetlier he thought the mere mention of
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The following appointments of Chairmen of Bureaus have been
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personal hygiene, etc., while psycho-prophylaxis might be taught
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impaired bile it soon returns to its normal function, if given time
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office. Any one who says that the Massachusetts Board is preju-
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ever, so far as that is concerned, I am sorry, and very sorry, that I — for I once occupied a
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No, we do not advocate the suppressing of the shouts of
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that where one boy having gonorrhea would infect two or three
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ment With Suggestions for Parents and Teachers. By E. A. Kirk-
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Operation and Result. March 16, in my clinic at the Willard
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rooms for secretaries and a small assembly room for the regular
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consideration in deciding upon their complete recovery. With the
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lin's Food consists of, the author would have done better to give us
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servation of the minutest symptoms, his admission that it is
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suggest that, inasmuch as the Spring Examinations now conflict with the meetings of the
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In November last she saw another consultant, who described
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"We do well," said Dr. R. C. Maclaurin, president of the
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be used interchangeably. Future observations and investigations
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analogous with afterpains caused in the case of the lying-in patient
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recovery from this illness, which from its general character was considered an
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made possible by the fact that the American Institute of Homoe-
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Dr. Sangster — Does Dr. Dickson expect anybody to answer the question, " Do you
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Witness the fact that upward of two thousand less students at-
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subsequently to inoculation, manifests a less severe form of inflam-
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The autopsy made by the pathologists showed as follows:
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helpful, dealing as it does with the live topics of surgical progress.
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that a quantity of gas not larger than a pin head from radium
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Dr. Kirk's authority says it is more common in men. Dr. Kessler says
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childhood the patient had had spells of difficult breathing and
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A reception given by President and Mrs Murlin at Hotel Vendome to
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some years he had consumed large numbers of cigarettes daily.
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Faculty had voted to recognize the work done in the School of Medicine
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examination held in the city of Kingston, and I believe I had the honor of responding to a
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4. In all cases associated with marked laceration of the peri-
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tion of red disks was greatly exaggerated, or for a considerable period of
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memory was defective. Her chief interest seemed to be in the remote past,
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cement substance between the dendrites of one cell and the ar-
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habit is an essential element in the causation of hay fever, and
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(i) On Discipline, consisting of three or five members.
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fare of the School, and the actual time which you have devoted to it in
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such definite statements upon such slight foundation.