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tions of the drug, the crystalline and the amorphous.

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Petersburg med. Wochenschr. 1884, No. 40.— 21. Jahn. Diss. Inaug. Leipzig, 1869.—

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, A considei'a})le percentage of infants, however, did apparently

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tlie purpose of attaining an accurate diagnosis. The hy-

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feature of diphtheritic conjunctivitis. It seems, then,

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thirds of the cases recorded by Chelius recovered ; and, in the French ambu-

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patient willy nilly, through a side tracking j^ The result was, he became ultra-scru-

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was conveyed to the cows by the hands of the men who had been

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if in both simultaneously, in one eye before the other. Generally

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alone on the external skin, to which they properly belong, but also

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sixty-two ounces, he speaks of the subarachnoid fluid being increased, and.,

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have this to say: I think all observers, all pathologists, all authors, admit-

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ment, and the effect of au overdose was just as appar-

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the escrementitious portion. Others had the same results. Miiller* made an

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broad range of issues that will have an impact — either directly or indirectly— on clinical practice. Occasionally the

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the wisdom and propriety of asking you rnise about, but in doing so we should

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New York: William Wood & Co., 1885. Pp. xxii-718. [Price,

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from the characters of the breath and expectoration.

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Malayan, the Australian, and the Polynesian Realms. Now each of these

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four days from the embarkation of the goats, and in the cases of 5 of

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strong with the weak, and much discrimination between diseases themselves,

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Report on the Uses of the Toxins and Antitoxins of Professor

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upper jaw. This view is supported by the acute onset, the

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two agents produce an abundant froth, which acts rapidly upon the

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days the patient took no food except milk ; there was great dyspnoea, and

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that the study of text books leaves but the vaguest impression of sci-

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to vindicate himself for demanding the publication of the

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detail, in order to prove that one defect in many (if not all) of the magnesia

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I should like to take this opportunity to refute the too

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the wage-earner smitten with incipient tuberculosis

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tions of the stomach. Cases enough have been described

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or two days. If organisms are present, rigors often ensue, and

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occur about every two and a half years. Did it not seem as if they were not