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ally and are perfectly conscious of seeing phantasms. The pulse is gener-

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outer hardened part (cell-wall) is living also % Is

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Instead of arsenic, arsenious acid may be given in doses varying

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rare complication in most epidemics^ varying from 1 in 600 to 1 in

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few men have acquired a large personal familiarity with the

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culture, at other times associated with the pseudo-typhoid bacillus. This

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the Iieart disease. Dr. Goodfellow, who strongly advocated the

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the cause of persistent fever. As a rule cystitis due to the typhoid bacillus

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far this impression was correct ; observations made in the Special

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mining the number of thousand cubic feet of space therein, and therefore the

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six hours after the first onset of pain, and from the symptoms

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St. Mark's Hospital, New York. — Sir Edwin Arnold

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ments of bone which are still in good connection with the soft parts,

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v^:V. :V.o <ur:are of the kidney presents the granular appearance

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Smith, Lewis Smith, Goodhart, Starr, and Meigs & Pepper.

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hyperthermia. Consequently, hypothermia is appropriate

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majority of cases ; but it may be found impossible to give the

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Free Ammonia. — If there is much free ammonia in the water the

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dients in the clinical history of acute rheumatism, and give a

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was found to be generally diagnostic of a very severe

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a long incision, from four to ten inches in length, down to and

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reported cases of rabies have been of frequent occurrence.

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the subject. We were able to assist in his operating theatre at the undressing

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Ralph Reis, M. D., Chicago: Indications and Avenue of Approach for Hysterectomy

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constipation, dilated stomach, etc. The relations that neur-

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tation: hnf PVPn thpn thof if n/»/»nf^ <»ka/«l«ifAl«r «n<^ortA*^f^or»f *%f m\ i»^

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with the position of the body, and the nature and direction of the ligature, before

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segment of the tricuspid valves lay, when open, the partition was diapha-

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In a few more years, you’ll find me out here in the workshop more and more,

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to indicate the same condition. Increased pressure then is first shown

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