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every case of menorrhagia dependent upon inertia of the

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of many other diseases, the commonest cause of error in diagnosis, at least

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ness of muscles gradually increasing until jaws locked August

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was prescribed, to no avail. A few intramuscular injec-

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(2) To apply an antiseptic dressing (iodoform gauze)

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patients had developed appendicitis after injuries. He

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bicarbonate up to May 3, none after May 3. Diet contains about 16 gm. carbohydrate ;

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him of the danger of a subsequent attack, and, if the

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obtained the same results. 1 myself, in my hospital

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life after the age of puberty. Before that age tubercular disease

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Further, many cases of foetal tuberculosis may have been passed over

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diarrhea. Single oral doses of 800 mg/kg in dogs and of 1,200 mg/kg in monkeys

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showing a record of recovery in almost all instances. (Wratsch, 1892, Nos. 41 and 51.)

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usually transient. The irritation symptoms are motor, and consist of