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exercise, which involves an extra demand, cannot be taken without the

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the Space of four days.— La Semaine Medicale, Feb. 24, 1892.

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Dr. Warrington presented the following account of the facts

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Belladonna acts specially upon the involuntary muscular fibres of the bowels, increasing

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what is called diphtheritic, pseudo-membranous, or exudative inflamma-

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the measures known as antiphlogistic have been vigorousl}' employed.

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things is induced closely bordering on inflammation. This is

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We do not think it possible that any Infant Food will ever be prepared that will excel

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CO One-half to one fluid drachm In WATER or SYRUP every hour, ^

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seem to make matters worse, for there is usuall}' felt after such an indul-

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cases and an occasional review were all that he contributed to the

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purulent matter during this month occurred only occasionally, and the

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large proportion of cases. The cohesion and resistance of the arterial coats

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and more or less oppressed, though but little or no cough or ex-

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paralysis, which proved fatal on the 15th, the very day upon which,

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a very limited motion, enable the hand to perform very many of

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lowing weeks it diminished, and she was in all respects more comfortable.

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below the umbilicus, according to the augmented size of the organ. The

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occasion, sometimes, hemorrhage into the brain, and hernial protrusions.

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labor or difficulty whatever. He has coughed three or four

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the calls of nature without the aid of the medical attendant, or

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Wallace, Dr. J. M., proceedings in reference to death of, 225

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useful when the patient is aniiemic, as in cases of diarrhoea occurring in

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On the other hand, as supporting the doctrine of pyaemia, microscopical

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tion has but little intensity, and may be limited in extent, being confined

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of the chyle corpuscules immediately upon their entrance into

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methods of treatment; also a variety of valuable prescriptions that have been thoroughly tested in an active

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the disease. The action of the heart is increased, amounting, sometimes,

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T-i-r>-nATTT nn i^4-» i PARIS : 5, Pue Bourg-l Abbe ^ ,

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of the lungs. These terms relate to the air-cells, vesicles, or alveoli.

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The converse is probably true ; but, with our present knowledge, it is better

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