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ventive orthopedics and corrective orthopedics. The
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the hypodermic syringe for the alleviation of pain as in neuralgia or sciatica.
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seen an animal die in five minutes when the object was
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there should be more Kochs. There must be more Pasteurs.
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for the undersigned beginning with the next issue. The price is
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specific both yellow santonin and emetine being of little use. It
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though the primary growth may be so small as to be easily overlooked.
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the analytical method of psychology. Psychology before
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the author in his position but the free born citizen does not
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held on the last Tuesday of Januarj stating therein that this proposed
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smallpox cases of varicella cases of tuberculosis and
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t Surgery is deferrtd to the third examination at Glasgow.
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mine in this Journal. f This position is identical with the
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Hypodermic injections of whisky were given every three
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with no evidence of pyloric tumor or pyloric obstruction and continuous
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ondary and tertiary syphilitic lesions and in both ac
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importance of always having an abundant supply of pure
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tary conflicts at frequent intervals for the purpose of settling
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sacred to piety and patriotism became a compulsory but not an
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The Eastern Iowa District Medical Society will hold its
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