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    sometimes with other stigmata of hysteria, such as the

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    mechanical drainage. If the fluid is not so turbid we may repeat the puncture

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    work of Kussmaul, Gutzmann, and Wyllie has placed the knowledge of

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    is attended by very little danger. If the surgeon wishes to coddle

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    " blooded Berkshires." It was, or is, his custom to fatten two each

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    blood, it is not a sufficient reason for the Commissioner of

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    • the specific agents of inflammation of the vulva, which may end in

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    the patient was very ill, fecal matter coming away by the side

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    examination by the aid of the microscope, was found to consist

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    allowed to stand and the cream separates otT and then

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    do not remember to have seen any one injured by the ab-

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    dressing or by a hot poultice. Menthol and ichthyol rubbed

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    Chance, Burton, discussion on a case of neurofibromatosis, 223

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    endemic, the number of cases fluctuates greatly from year to year, and

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    it as cancerous. The diagnosis of these cases often

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    2. This Order extends to England and Wales and Scotland only.

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    redness and pain ; but in no instance have these prod-

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    the small of the back, are found the fio. j.— Spinai column, a.

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    body, sero-hfemorrhagic infiltrations of the loose connective tissues,

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    lescence of the patient was uninterruptedly normal. She

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    love affairs, the recital of which gives her great pleasure, she

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    Otolaryngologist, University Hospital. 1610 Spruce St.

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    Mercury in its action. Has a well established reputation in Scrofula, ulceration of the palate,

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    made by tapping the cyst is no bar to the operation, but rather a reason

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    One of the most important heritages of any president

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