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potency. It is usually the mysterious make-up of these compounds,
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as recommended can be divided into four broad class-
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came full of apprehensions, dangers, and terrors, and
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eight grains at a dose every eight hours ; increased
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injury, especially to the weakened heart. The investigations of
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wound, somewhat wider than the hand, extending from the axilla to the
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111.; When and How to Remove Tonsils, by Dr. L. C. Cline,
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luive been mistaken. The condition cannot always be differentiated from
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effect of traction by the forceps will restore the muscu-
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conditions of the tube so frequently found associated with its con-
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Attempts to cultivate S. duttoni as well as the other spirochiEtes
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but merely a tendency to one of the neuroses, such as insanity, alcoholism,
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meteorism and some vomiting ; although patient is able
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accompanied by vomiting, delirium, and sleeplessness. Great exhaustion
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tained catheter. Finally, the catheter itself is in very
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pletely destroyed, while the length of the latent period depends upon
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There is also a peculiar form of Eczema, or Eczema impetiginodes, in
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the skin, which is, on the whole, still of a natural color. This rapidly
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by the teeth of a cat or dog may get a fatal sepsis, yet that cat or dog
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but subjective phenomena like numbness and tingling may be
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diagnosis is completed by rectal examination, sounding of the I ladder
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away with. The Kibbe's cot can be improvised easily ; it is
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outer end may continue to secrete or collect from the passing
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The weight of the thyroid varies much according to age, but also according
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culties and dangers attending it. Nitrous oxide, ether,
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The gravest necessity exists for keeping exceedingly
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physician is, in ordi-rin^f baths for his patients, to
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the midday sun, when pitted against the skill and inimitable art
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ness to perform the operation, but that he ought to have sent
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Renal: Acute renal failure in patients with pre-existing significantly impaired renal function,
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