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ertion, as in ascending mountainous elevations, excessive bicycling, and


coma, there is much restlessness, epigastric " cramp " may be complained

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conditions and affections mentioned above ; but. on the other hand, that

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ance of jaundice or ascites, or both, is confirmatory.

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hepatic secretion. It is not clear, however, that the latter condition is

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very difficult, but w^hen secondary to heart- and lung-diseases it is ren-

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the final disability. The first distribution of the paralysis may

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ject to repetition — /. e. renal colic. It is not unusual for patients to

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the disease is associated with pyemic processes in other parts of the

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president of the Maine State Homoeopathic Medical Society in 1895, a

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interference the competent physician is prepared to meet by following

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can be built up and the patient can be protected from undue pressure

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tation are commonly present, as is a dull aching fain; the most

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tion much discussed for years among pathologists, the origin of the

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Treatment. — The general line of treatment that I have given for

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sudden, great physical exertion produces equally sudden dilatation,

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The time of danger to a cause is not when hardships must be

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in women, notwithstanding the fact that there are predisposing influ-

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cease temporarily, to return as soon as the voluntary motion is completed.

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tric impulse may be visible, but more commonly the impulse is in the

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waste products developed in the fermenting masses of imper-

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largement ; {e) The splenic tumor of chronic malarial poisoning. Here

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and a bill drawn, asking for one of the smaller sanatoria to bei

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sponds to the point of maximum contact (Sibson), but the mitral valve

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always easy, however, to discriminate diarrhea due to purely functional

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moral suasion are the surest ways to develop the hysteric temperament.

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Ktiologfy. — The disease is limited chiefly to children from one to