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proof is continually accumulating. Much has been made in cur-

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dura, chronic hypertrophic leptomeningitis, atrophy of cerebral gyri and cere-

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question that I want settled to-day is simply the question whether these bodies have

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date some points that might require to be cleared up. I notice that Dr. Thornton, for

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geon, and that following it she received the best of care.

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cord (Putnam type) *. Finally, there has been added a consider-

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Sometimes, as in the case of a well-known preparation of arsenic, it is

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elected, after nomination, by open vote ; the vote being taken on the nominees in the order

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much depressed in the mornings. Insomnia is persistent and dis-

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The President — I had not put it then ; I was about to put it.

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or advice to give the Council ; and then when the report of the Education Committee comes

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natural conditions of living, and their training into habits of industry and

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"Homoeopathy has ousted therapeutics by cataclysm from the practise

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12. Fred. Birkett : That he must comply with the regulations for matriculation before

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* Annual oration before the Massachusetts Homoeopatic Medical Society, Lowell, Oct., 1911.

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prived of the possibility of producing impressions of some degree

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Dr. Harry W. Osgood, class of 1898 B. U. S. M., has removed from

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Bouillon, baccilli positive and negative to Gram's. Strepto-

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both conveyed by the blood current, are necessary to warm,

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injurious matter from the intestinal tract into the system. In-

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cholera or typhoid when these organisms served as antigen,

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Like greatness — it seems to me — faith may be acquired in one

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Dr. Luton — In that case it would be necessary that the R. gistrar should supply the

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known negative. Into all six tubes is placed serum from normal

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first week from some apparently unrecognized cause. The vitality

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impress the truth in a more concrete maner and holds the reader's attention

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conception of the disease fit the various manifestations.

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An entire absence of effect upon the general sensation and

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Chippewa, Michigan, that permission be granted him to visit professionally at an island near

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passing interest, — to an event of marked significance, although

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ago and adopted the requirements that Dr. Williams referred to ; but when we went to the

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ings, endometritis, parametritis, salpingitis, oophoritis, peritonitis,

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