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to invalids, are the inland plains, certain localities in the Blue Moun-

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phenomenon in the usual way of theory. It is due to the author of the

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flammation tluis set up is by no moans limited to tlao surface of tlio brain. He also

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the serum, the inorganic before the organic solids, the chlorides before

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anxiety of the parent relieved for his son who is travelling abroad ? We

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child be allowed to return to school from a household in which there

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the pu.s, it is remarkable how little permanent damage may follow.

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in fact, according to the na,ture of the irritant, one, or other, or all the

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in the internal organs ; indeed, there is a great probability that most of

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ment. This waning faith in drug-administration, which is unwarrant-

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Island Medical Society hold themselves responsible for the doctrines herein incul-

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many animals has some germicidal properties, and from the spleen and

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Method 1. — A flake from the dejecta is placed in peptone broth, and

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Eretty large portion of it will be introduced, hereafter, into the Journal.

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sides the protoplasm undergoes modification into fine parallel fibrillae.

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fication of the normal pigment of the skin is met with in certaii*

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double dishes ; the Petri capsules were kept covered throughout.

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Blagovestchewski has demonstrated that, on simultaneously injecting

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Principles and Practice of Surgery, by - - - Thomas Uubbabd, M.D.

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already been made to this inquiry in the general article on Infection.

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sought to aid the natural progress of those changes or " commotions " in

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the theories which had previously been taught under the name of

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Solutio Supercarbonatis Soda. The formula is as follows. R. Su-

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lasfinj^ two days, and the fall of the pulse during the period of defervescence is also

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Sources of Fallacy in Therapeutics. — Some of the fallacies arising

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I have already said that the various mucous membranes may also be