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after such extensivo mutilation, and it is chiefly in illua-

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buminuria usually indicates catarrh of the lower part of

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eleven cases, single in three cases. The presence of these alterations bore some

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at ages of 1 year and upwards. Clearly some allowance must be made

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by Pneumonia and Empyema." Discussion by Dts. F. I. Knight,

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projectiles that were primarily infected, namely : (1) Controls,

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the cavity of the left ventricle might contain a large ben's egg. Tbe

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what other amounts are subscribed by churches or individuals,

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estates, now offers to pay uj) the money with arrears

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scheme for looting that institution." The Post-Express^

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on in these cases is very apt to be fatal, may be treated with the Cannabis

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chloroform at the birth of my last baby," and then, of course, this

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1902) the results proved satisfactory, postpartum cases

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the common disposal of filth which the great majority of the

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tion, he referred to the anatomy of the part as given

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down the spine. A hypodermic of strychnin and digitalin

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the nodal points, situated near the poiaterior sur-

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pletion. Sixteen physicians are in attendance at different

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the exudate, and after 8i)onging with the sublimate

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pain, tenderness, and swelling are situated in the neighborhood of the

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intervals of partial freedom from the excruciating pains grow longer in favorable

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often suffers, that should not occur. Time, patience and care would oflen save

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dorsal only just laps on to the arm close to the insertion of the pectoralis

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formed on the upper and outer quadrant of the retina,

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omission in this ideal method. For this reason he set out to find