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Lastly, the *' members of homoeopathy ' mentioned fay you
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conservative and thoroughly modem resume of this branch of medicine. Every
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Caw 22. —December, 1912: E. T., aged 60; 4-para; last 1896; prolapse and much pain
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Moreover, it is not rare to see in one blood-corpuscle many punctate
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revisited New York as the guest of General McClellan.
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London : A. & C. Black, Limited. 1916. (10s. 6d. net.)
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circulation, but it wants many of the characters of renal gen-
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Temoved from the overcrowded tenements which as a rule they occupy.
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bacilli, and having demonstrated that a ^vhich is the all-important point. In acute
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commercially. Synthetic life is no new cies, but an historical record of the re-
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irritation of the skin from coarse woollen clothes,
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potassium iodide; 130 mg. aminophylline. Dosage is one tablet
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tures; or it is deposited between the surfaces of a recent wound
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A third opinion, that iodine is alterative, M. Dorvault regards as nearer the
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other round the coelom, just below the situation of the allantoic
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early stages the enlarging of the uterus is associated also with a
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have been due to this cause, for it is my custom always,
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tion might be adduced. So too, in regard to post hemiplegic chorea, the
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nine and other stimulants were to be relied on. The effect of the staphy-
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button up their coats to the throat, ride down town in the omnibus, and
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236 Gordon St. ety meeting, Wadesboro, N. C, Dec. 3, 1912.
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trophic pachymeningitis affecting the cervical region is the only meningeal
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tliank Mr. Darlington for a copy of his handbook. "
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reversion. It had been recently alleged that there was no such'
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ting the cord, I delivered the placenta in due time, and finding
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cachetic condition. Dr. Addison was led to observe a discoloration of tl*
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Avenue, for patient endeavor to meet my wishes in the
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to control fibrillation with quinidin, at which time digitalis,
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to make its results lasting, the therapeutic means at our disposal would receive
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limbs. But usually the child becomes pale and shrunken, more and more
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motion of the alimentary canal to its normal state, imparted
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produced considerable inflammation and pain. The pain con-
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other muscular parts; and cases of this kind are on record. There is, how-
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Dr. Douglas gave notice of motion to introduce a by-law for the appointment of an
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more importance^ and that something in this direction ought to be done at
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1905, 3 in 1904, 7 in 1903 and in 1902, 3 in 1901, but 18 in 1895.
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also be accurately applied to the sides of the child's head. In Con-
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when cholera is present, but before the diagnostic discharges have come on).
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S oz. The relief obtained from this was only temporary,
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operation should not be looked upon lightly ; it is by