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    was accomplislied was termed critical, as were also the

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    the tube is inserted at the most dependent part of the cavity.

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    li»in, in two of" \w caMCrt attcndud with lu'n)i|)lf^ia. Tliure

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    of polymorphonuclears and does not at first show amoebae. These ap-

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    urine, requiring the catheter, but, after a time, she succeeded in urinating,

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    From these facts and several others noticed by the German writers,

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    motility of the eye or proptosis to assist in the diagnosis. In this

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    to leave, for no other reason, than that they had abandoned the

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    function may make these the agents of choice in the future

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    ferent from the one which I reported, in which the oedema was

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    who adds five other instances of the arsenical uticaria, in one

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    proposed. The subject was discussed at a meeting of the Board of

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    local gangrene ; since, although this may take place in a living body, it is only

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    dangerous character ; in one, croupous laryngitis. The

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    marked albumin-reaction, failed to reduce Fehling's solu-

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    pointed out, the excessive diarrhoea and vomiting tend to the removal of the

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    To assist the patient in expiration Gerhardt has suggested systematic

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    A Comment on Professor A. Poehl's Dissertation on " The

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    origin would (Fig. 14) be very near the median line, in

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    (3) Confinement will not prevent the cure of rickets, so far as the

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    tellect. \i\ furty-eight hours, lie was sensible enough to answer

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    Recent studies have shown that the vasomotor center is al-

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    ment in the Jardin des Plantes shows it. I noticed also, in

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