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months in healing. To avoid this, then, every effort should be
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insane. Few persons, perhaps, are born insane ; and few are
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(1) Potassium dichromate, 0.01 percent standard solution.
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Ten grams of Na 2 W0 4 . 2H 2 0 per 100 ml of solution. If
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and has been approximately fixed at from one and a half to two days.
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some supposed " authority." Homoeopathy is true ; Gregg is a
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attention to the frequent presence of slight jaundice, nose-bleeding, and
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Nose: Normal shape; shght mucous discharge and sKght
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the grounds and manner upon and in which experience is inter-
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was 11,000, lymphocytes 17 per cent., and red cells 4,500,000.
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in such cases the disease is of the nature of a toxemia. What is the
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Septicaemia may complicate other acute diseases, such as diphtheria and
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puncture and makes examination of the fluid difficult. An immedi-
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which treats the subject so clearly and so conclusively that we
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the molybdic acid solution and 0.4 ml of the aminonaphthol-
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lococci tended to decrease in incidence, whereas hemolytic strep-
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flask of capacity equal to 10 times the volume of the
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description is given in paragraph 352 and table XXXIII lists the
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few whitish flakes. There is a good deal of froth on the top of it.
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attack. The relapse is, as a rule, of shorter duration than the original
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mortality has steadily decreased from - 94 per cent, in 1886 to 0'32 per
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Prepare a flask of veal infusion broth, adjust the reaction to pH
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from the recHning position to the upright does not dispel this
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ic-ray examination at the time of discharge was not made.
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red at the tip. Evening temperature 104.4 . The morning
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The inflammatory exudation consists of plasma or a plasmatic fluid,
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(4) Spina/ fluids. These are centrifuged before testing, but
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authorities asserted their force. To a hundred symptoms a
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ever, to be a mere coincidence. The infection clings to a patient for two
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distilled water into a graduated centrifuge tube and heat on a
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been recorded. Since the serum is practically harmless, it may be used in
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ning after it ; and yet it is possible this is done wholly in the inter-
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ism is a virulent strain of diphtheria bacillus, the
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duced and inflated with air. The cervix was undilated, and no
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of the myocardium has taken place. Of course, other signs and
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an extremely useful method which allows one to generalize in a