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of A, C, D and principal B-complex vitamins for people of growing importance.

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The clinical thermometer will show how fever abates

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Dr. Louis Wander— 59 E. 79th St.— Bu 8-0580— Mon-Wed-Fri

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dangerous — from absorption as well as swallowing. I

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canalization will occur, and yet injection too near

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medical public relations aspects of Blood Assurance

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Chicago. A poster display on health problems is now

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Drs. E. J. Roach, T. C. H. Wilson, Eli Frost, J. R, John-

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previous year, and the disbursement for this purpose

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condition can occur at any age, and the clinician’s

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internal medicine, some experience in pediatrics and in-

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9. At work are you usually seated, standing, or walking?

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patients complained about was a subjective thing, and

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affects derivable from its use. The various experiments which I have

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their point of view, their safety, and their opportu-

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whether in times of prosperity or want. This idealistic

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obvious that they do not assign to it the degree of importance to which

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I was now compelled to give way to Dr. S., who, in due time,

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the past month ; extreme weakness and loss of weight.

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health officer if they occur in an area served by him. If the area Is not

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Incorporated, Belleville, New Jerse 3 ' (Booth 50).

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On the Subsequent Ulceration of the Uicatrix, produced by the simple

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switched from glauco methasone to fluticasone

rately, or with any number of volumes short of a complete set.