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The hemp of this country, if we are to judge from the odour it exhales

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mice were randomly segregated into groups often prior to challenge.

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and impeded. Eventually drowsiness, and then coma take

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is at first colourless, but becomes yellow with age, and ultimately

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in tho flowers than the leaves. In the latter the astringency and tonic

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^ diseMe. The proper rule is never to allow oneV^ self to become

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every three or four hours for example, or six or eight times in the twenty-

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The old-fashioned pipe and bladder may be resorted to, in the absence

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within the Tropics. The Palm Oil is, by some tribes, smear-

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in the nourishing vapour! This is better than " dining with Duke Hum-

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imduce its simple excitant effect through some one of the acids resulting

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to the diseased centres or nerves, but even when limited to the para-

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fluids. This sometimes gives rise to haemoptysis, epistaxis,

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poor, to you is given the harder task of illustrating

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Figure 10 together with results of probability calculations. The form-

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dren, whilst in the bath. In the time of Plutarch, however,

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Both contain an aromatic and stimulating principle, along

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the thread is spun, and the closer that the cloth is woven, the

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thousand times its calibre. Absorption takes place by the

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wrote a whole book to prove that the garment is entirely

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After death, the muscles often remain in a state of tetanic rigidity, and

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writers, appears to have the greatest faith in milk, says, " not

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" The stimulus which the high price of corn gives to the growth and con-

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fare and prosperity of the State. There are, therefore, three

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That, after a single dose of about 8 grains, the quinia disappeared from the urine

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It is a white powder, without smell or taste, unalterable in the air, insol-

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not been adopted by the profession generally ; and it certainly appears

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perusal of the published cases, that many of them belonged to this cate-

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be present but inactive as a result of the acclimatization, but have

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laid him down speedily to pass away from the world.

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tbrt*e to eight lines in diameter, and from half a line to a line and a half

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by the use of fermented liquors is., to all appearance, the same

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site can be very important in determining the outcome of the

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