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morphia induces ; and lastly, I am satisfied, from experiment,
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port upon the Sorghum Saccharatum, its culture and pro-
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the affected side of the thorax may follow, occasionally with
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Needles should be dipped in alcohol, thoroughly dried, and placed in a
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Fair Oaks, on the first of June, 1862, will illustrate this
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ation held in Edinburgh took place in 1858 and 1875, both of
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holding the cultures of bacteria. The heating of this
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periods. Ovaritis occurs occasionally. Paraphimosis is sometimes seen
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Under the provisions of the Venereal Diseases Act of Alberta, we
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with fracture of right thigh about three inches above. the knee,
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Kichieys. — Sections of one kidney were also examined, and showed
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the duration of cases and the occurrence of such etio-
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distribution of such cells in certain regions of the mammalian brain.
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restrictions of income and time. An earlier but very admirable set of
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technical difficulties were removed. But some objections to its
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Frequent in the Mountains at 9,000 to 1 1 ,000 ft.; Union Pass,
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