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the denser becomes the tissue and the smaller appear the lymphoid
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furnish no satisfactory evidence that ether had any agency in pro-
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at the sense of unkindness or injustice ; but there was a magna-
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the year. It was not confined to children, but proved very distress-
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* It is claimed that the acid products of metamorphosis of nerve-tissue acting upon the neni-ous system
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empt from fever, when the former sufier. Dr. W. stated some facts
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From this time the phlebitis rapidly subsided, though for many
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resembles in many respects Bacillus typhosus and it may be that
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the grave stone of the cholera victim, who should have refused to
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the patient Dr. Armstrong says, that **• it is a notorious fact, that
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As they believe that only the connective tissue possessed hetero-
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three cases; opinion favorable; and of Dr. Bartlett, of Concord,
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than usual. The surface of the convolutions was much flattened.
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from local infection lies not in the absorption of a lethal dosage of
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development of abscesses, bed-sores, gangrene, etc. The occurrence of any
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The Tenth and Eleventh months, formed a period of general
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Prognosis. — The prognosis is bad; the disease is a progressive one. Only
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enlarged and multiplied, and the interstitial element greatly augmented.
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often increase, and if care is not taken to restrain them, hemoptysis
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Hustin (15) perfused the pancreas in a study of its external secretion, and de
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or atropia combined with strychnine should be given over the site of ten-
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clothes, when drying, to the line, between the teeth of the child,
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believe that the blood-vessels are the channels of their conveyance. The
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of suspected urine is made into the abdominal wall of the animal and
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If such children are born alive they die within a few days. In those cases
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movements are impossible ; they cannot rise or move from their beds — yet
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and the best technical skill of the country can afford.
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Dr. Bond, replies. I have re-vaccinated eighty-seven persons since
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becomes hyperaesthetic in the area of motor derangement, and reflex activ-
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