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reparative proliferation. The effects which may be observed in epithelial
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theless had not one similar fact ever come to our knowlege, the
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ileum, the solitary glands in the same locality, the mesenteric glands, and
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Test antigen (containing 4 units in 0.25 ml) = 320-^8 = 1:40
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heard over this same area. Throughout the entire chest there
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Medical Society, of which he was a charter member, and its president in 1863.
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the globulin value obtained does not include the fibrinogen.
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Touching dynamization of medicines, Dr. Hughes shows clearly
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origin digitalis and the other diuretic drugs combine to produce a
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symptoms as firm, hard, scanty stools, with pressure and pain in
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would lead one to think that the heart is beating irregularly
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present, orchitis starts in 2 to 3 days; later there is
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520 millimicrons is used. Temperature changes affect
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possibility of recovering one's health surrounded by insane peo-
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little pain except at the globus major, and the testicle had dimin-
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the buccal cavity. Diipuis has had satisfactory results with a
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"Their assertions were so positive that for a short while they
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physician, who had confined her with her only child, was called
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(/) Except in these two instances and in culture of A.
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ened skin and subcutaneous tissue gradually separated as a
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is well illustrated in Figs. 189, 190. Here in a patient with
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where authorized by serious observations that permitted him to
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surface film to a clean slide ; add 1 drop of iodine stain
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Under this treatment the sensitiveness of the abdomen and the
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The temperature either rises rapidly, with a severe rigor, which may be
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suredly change this prevalent notion. The parasite will be found
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inches ; from symphysis to umbilicus, eight inches; to sternum,
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seizure begins. This may be equally severe, or shorter in duration, or less
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alcohol, when the dichromate is measured in terms of its equiva-
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since the function of the left lung appeared to be but little im-
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endeavor to ascertain not only the physical but the legal charac-
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to administer. He found that sugar of milk contained in varying
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sitting-height standard which he devised, and has found so
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both standard and unknown. Also, if an interfering colored solute
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look the question in the face fearlessly, as Hahnemann met allop-
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at this season of the year, even in towns and cities, is laden
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paedia. The partial unconsciousness, with a perverted mental
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all of the blood solution but none of the gas is drawn
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submitted promptly to the Army Medical Service Graduate School
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(e.g. alcohol), which, first causing an accumulation of fat, still continues to
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a. This test has proven very reliable in practice and stable