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bridge ; Dr. F. J. Waldo, London ; C. E. Wilmot, M.B., London ; Mr. S.

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and the Treasury having taken the matter up, he was prosecuted at the

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winters at Greenwich and Paris, and the relation of summeii

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tendency to pursue novelties in treatment too assiduously

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is one largely, if not purely, theoretical. Arsenic is credited

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We have withstood in these happy islands an advancing

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ruling, for the same reason, also referred to Sir Dyce Duck-

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crease in the size of tliis, especially if associated with cedema

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lymph unmixed with blood or other extraneous matter. The more nearly

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titioner. Much of the blame rests undoubtedly with the subscribers,

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I am pleased here to be able to express my gratitude to Dr.

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preventing the spread of the disease. Students will not be

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■of any year on record excepting that of 18H4, when the rate was also lo.7,

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houses not because they were back-to-back, but because the

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titsnt can see nothing with the right eye ; can just appreciate light. When

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lasted ever since ; ejecta f<ctid. Before admission he was very carefully

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Evidence of the Secretary of the Coroners' Society : Suggeitionsfor

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normal in the morning, with variation of 1° to H°. His

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of a good catdlogue the museum has been lendered mu<'h more interesting

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Lavertine, J. Maunsell, A. E. M'Cann, H. J. M'Cormack, J. G.

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(1) Two cases of Blindness after Erysipelas, one affecting both

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bility to death in the vaccinated is greatly below that in the

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lege, Manchester ; D. L. E. Bolton, St. Bartholomew's Hospital and

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abdomen, whicli the exploring syringe proved to be blood,

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people, and about 12,600 died annually. The proportion of

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may be looked upon as typical. This temperature record,

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neither the title nor the author's name. Perhaps these, too,

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success in aid of the fund at St. George's Hall, Langham