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be punished in the way the statute points out, under an in-

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physicians of the county met at Whatcom, March 30, and or-

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of age, and from twenty to thirty. 3. That the period of life during which

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of anatomists, particularly as regards the structure of the tissues, and eluci-

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able working hypothesis in our present knowledge of

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apparatus which presides over the destruction of substances

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the efficacy of the arsenic as a poison upon the animal economy of the dog;

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in the saliva is thought to be an end product of proteid

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tral, peripheral or general constitutional condition. There

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made in behalf of the people who would otherwise be

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surgeons. The needle should be introduced through the sound skin at the

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cells of tuberculosis. There are in syphilitic foci no such

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months later, however, a hard fungoid mass developed in the

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Autopsy. — Petrous bone. Eustachian tube, and sphenoid bone, filled with

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sequently are thrown down whenever water is used as the

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the shoe raised three-quarters of an inch on the inside. The

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On Wednesday, Feb. 6, 1901, systematic daily rounds of

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Paris — I believe I may add throughout France. So generally are they

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that it is high time for civilized communities to take

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In Case 19 there was congestion and swelling of the

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Where and How Shall the ICedical Student Oet Infor-

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generally regarded as especially liable to accidents.

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Coast. Instead of being grateful that they had in their

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his readers, to whom he ascribes the credit of a move-

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July 29th. — Pain very much diminished in all the articulations except that

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bility that in some of his cases there were combinations

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the septicemic symptoms, especially of the capillary hemor-

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$1.25. Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders & Co. 1900.

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only with regard to the albuminous fluids employed for

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of the injured nerves, and complete and permanent ob-

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of trustees, by abrogating the former charter under which the regents acted.

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her room whole days perfectly listless: with the greatest difficulty she could

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fatal. In a case described, this fatal termination was post-

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branching out from a common center, the proper loca-

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Treatment of Tinea in Children at the Hopital des Enfans at Paris.

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There are some cases, however, and M. Mondiere refers to two or three

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Fig. 6. — A 8o-calI«d Healed Leper. Natural Proceaa.

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the fact that in nearly all instances we find that by the

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everything were labeled suo nomine. From a scientific

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the Theory of "Conveyance of Yellow Fever by the Culex Pas-