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rays of this light we also are illumined on our path,
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Morgan, Dr. J. E., introductory address at Manchester
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■\7e lately referred to the absurdly small sum (£50)
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some in the distant praii'ie ; some in the ever-bloom-
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Gieeu Glass.— Orders and remitiauces to be addressed,
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chronic partial aneurysm of the heart. A most favorable result is
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Monday Metropolitan Free, 2 p.sr. — St. Mark's for FiBtala
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sion into the anterior parts of the eye of the vitreous
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meet with a successor qualified for a practice entirely amongst the
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residing in Spital Square (Mr. Newton) ; and one day
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rudimentary development, sometimes as the effect of perforation.
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he should always be an advocate for the College of Sur-
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occurred after the lapse of half a year, and then set in tuberculous
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locality from their own choice and quite apart from
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cea.^ed died from suffocation from sore throat," and
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heart is accepted as a sign of the disease of the kidneys, and the
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relief of hemorrhagic effusion in a man aged forty -six ; a final relapse
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(not very accurately', perhaps), "suction-curettes",
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Asiatic cholera was essentially a disease of hot cli-
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infected rarely recovers ; so that the proportion of
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one of them ? It may be well, also, here to mention
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veniences, the want of which, or the substitutes for
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onize on the endocardium and produce endocarditis. Next followed
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COMMUNICATIONS have been received from: — Dr. Frederick
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scribed by Eokitansky, in which there was extensive
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stupor, delirium, convulsions, and coma from hyperemia, the result
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disappear with change of posture. Thus a sound which may be dis-
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country FeUows votes by papers, because such grant I
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of its civilisation. Here we have in outUne an inter-
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the other hand, those with very imperfect marks re-
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tions. Thus one litre would represent the maximum quantity of