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apply the Iodine Ointment, as recommended in ' ' Thickening of
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edition. Pp. 149: 10 illustrations. Bonn: A. Marcus & E.
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VizTOLl, R. Giornale di neuropathol. 1885, pp. 7, 145. — 111. Vulpian. Mai. du
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same epidemic must also be considered when discussing
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give this form of iron throughout the course of the fever. I believe that it
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acute bronchitis or dependent upon organic disease, such as emphy-
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difference whether the meat be light or dark. Cereals, such as oatmeal
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glands were not affected, and no deformity followed The
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small, require only five or six drops of ether at a time, but
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a concentrated solution of pure carbolic acid and diluted with water
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quence of an injection of diphtheria antitoxin," has been widely discussed
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the urea test as an examjjle to show the importance the insurance com-
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supposed to obtain the desired results from plates by
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which, it is held, are due more to the enfeebled condition
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tumour in right lobe. Final measurement of neck, 36 cm. Diminution in
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you Avill make many ill for two or more weeks who might
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Poor-law district, though those gentlemen had hitherto held
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being found nearly always in the cancellous tissue where the lymphatics are
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placement which, however, do not vary very markedly
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that a thorough knowledge of the distribution of afferent
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pear to be some person who is envious of Mr. Smith's success ; for
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preventable, and prevention is better than teachers readily agree that education is a
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Medical Towers Bldg., Suite 260 Little Rock, Arkansas 72205
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Adopted a resolution which resolves that the Colorado Medical Society authorize a task force to study the feasibility of
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Dr. Davies quotes from many other well known writers
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and diarrhoea. Usually, in the consideration of intestinal indigestion,
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saline matter ; hence its purgative effect on the child. If this is realty
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a continued secretion or hyper-secretion, which va-
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carotid murmur. Pulse small and irregular, and could not be counted.
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weakened by hemorrhage, the chances of the child should be
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science and letters could make known their investigations,
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the pulse is generally small, frequent, and quick, with a slight degree of preternatural
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4. The legitimate scope of the operative treatment of
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consideration,, though another member of the faculty did ad-
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and pulling outward and upward, when the object would immediately
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membranes investing the medulla spinalis, and also a turgid state of the blood-vessels about
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one, its real nature can 'easily be demonstrated ; but if it is
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they are very offensive and dark-coloured. A lividity com
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plete extirpation is impossible, any operation per se can be but pallia-
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accomplish this purpose; and that the profession should be properly
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aoiif hemorrhage from the bowels occurred in 31, and of these cases 20
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to human study." (Mem. i. i. 13.) He adds, in reference to Hippo-
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228 Relations of Tetanus to Various Nervous Diseases*
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culus in the Bladder of Women and Little Girls," describes