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Rubella may be transmitted by direct contact and by fomites, especially

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day there was still some thickening about the wrist joint. Suppuration and

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The pulse is accelerated, of good volume, and more or less compressible.

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the primar}^ lesion. The same opinion is expressed by those

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reported by Brown there was infection of the bladder from without by

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of the Society." Examiners are subject to retirement, at

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determined. Until it is, the safer course is to regard the disease as transmis-

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mere question as to what the subjects will die of. "Al-

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^The general method of making blood cultures is described on page 660, and special

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must be regarded as unsettled problems. Vaughan states that "the colon

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lungs, whereas in tracheotomy it does not. The deaths from heart compli-

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There is no difficulty in the diagnosis of a well-marked case in the vesicular-

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the temperature is 102.5° F. or over. Even if the fever be persistently high

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animals against many times the minimum fatal dose of virulent pneumococci.

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consolidation of the surrounding lung tissue, or from changes in the composi-

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situation, her extensive coast-line, and her large commercial interests, the

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11 of 23 cases, Baginsky and Sommerfeld in all of 82 cases, Slawyk in 45 of

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enlargment of lymphatic glands in the neighborhood, as well as the variable

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and by the early elimination of toxin we lessen the degree of fatty degenera-

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cal analysis have served to confuse rather than clear up the

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and the clinical phenomena in men. He named the organism that he had

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should be opened. Calomel in a dose of 2 grains (0.13 gm.) followed by a

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they are herded together in schools and in poorly ventilated

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cholecystitis, intussusception, intestinal obstruction, meteorism, liver

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cultures on artificial media. However, decided progress has been made in

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tenderness. There is usually a hsematoma, and suppuration often follows.