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to him, after sufficient bleeding, every three hours a table spoonful
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which were to be attributed to acute enlargement of the liver with stretch-
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uable guidance in this connection. Where high tempen.
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are accompanied with a fever of more or less intensity preceding
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Indeed, it was because of this objection on the part of many
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gist. The green stalks of angelica, the peels of orange, lemon,
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County. We have had a clinic since January sixth, and have taken
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observations of a similar character made at other places, during former, con-
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festivals, the days and the years" (Gen., i, 14). This is from the Elohist
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fingers and the impression persists for many seconds. And so I
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to say on the subject. I will therefore briefly narrate the
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shall be obtained, qualifying in iledieine and Surgery, under
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that this is not the case, and that hypertrophy of the right ventricle
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trial of the Hydrangea, we feel that it has not as yet attracted the atten-
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rehef followed this tapping, but after a few days the state
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she was drunk. She was perfectly unconscious, and nothing
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the Obstetrical Report. Case IV. was a typical example of
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The preceding year (1861) yielded an increase of population by births
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recommends intravenous injection instead of subcutaneous. The patient must
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times they enlarge below the inner coat, about the testicle and its nerve —
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months, and were suffering from severe and repeated
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then sank into that obscurity and neglect to which vain and profitless
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ray work. Of the ditferent developing agents, pyrogallic acid, metol, ludio-
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quently sudden expulsion of the saliva and tears, is a question wliich I
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society which raised the largest amount of funds for AMA-ERF this
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o. The Oculocardiac Keflex in Syphilis of the Central Ner-
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narcotism by means of this agent. Its profound effects
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frightful energy, prostrating the vital forces with great rapidity, like
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* Transactions of the New York Medical Association, 1891.
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Mr. W. died on December 27th, in a comatose state ; no convulsions or fur-
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readers to the college about to be established at Oxford in
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chronic catarrh, consumption, typhus, and other kinds of fever,
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developed, but at first only on that side of the stem where the leaf
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Our non-profit service currently lists hundreds of prac-
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peculiarity of the blood, or to an increased permeability of the blood-
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tiemraal nerves Was a consequence of the feet, that they could only foe
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duced into it by a curette.) As to the substance employed,
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reunia is spelled dispareunin ; Diihrssen and Mackenrodt are
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skillful roentgenographer, and many hospitals will not make
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In some of the tumours, e.g. that described by Freund (^^), only one
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corded disprove this explanation of the majority of cases of con-
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cases it is a later stage of the enlarged spleen of congenital