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    given; in Fig. 19 the optical section through the centre.

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    Goldstein, 1894, "A few hyaline casts have no particular

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    to the applicant, that his heirs will find after his death to be

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    5. Eliminative Treatment. — This, as suggested especially by W. B.

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    to give standard policies to standard lives only. It is hardly

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    and tender, and there is often a red flush over them or over the surround-

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    laborious, and thorough, their learning stupendous, and their

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    five days and how rapidly at the end of this time he will commence to im-

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    value; but as the question of the influence of age upon the

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    Degenerative forms are common, and the micrococcus then becomes

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    Eye. — Conjunctivitis, erythematous and phlyctenular, is met with, and

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    margin of error, or a margin in which the test as applied was

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    manner, beginning Avith small doses, which are gradually increased in amount.

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    ered by Farrar. American Journal of Insanity, 1902, vol. lix, p. 17.

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    there is a very general erythematous blush, but the eruption does not assume

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    moisture, elevation, over-crowding, occupation, and general

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    of the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States,

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    disease, and the question is as to the relative amount of in-

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    skin diseases, as eczema, mild counter-irritants (tar, oil of

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    The Arteries, Capillaries, and Veins. — Legroux has recorded acute

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    Streptococci, pneumococci, and diphtheria bacilli are found with the different

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    cells derived from proliferation of the lining epithelium. Cellular infiltration

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    working with Blumer (1895), first demonstrated the relation of the gono-

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    4. The polyvalent sera appear to give more favorable results than those