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also, colouring matter. Why should soap be mi.xed with burnt
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P. A. Surgeon M. H. Simons, appointed Surgeon from August
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degeneration of the cells in the acini of the salivary glands and pancreas.
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Fort Shaw, Mon. Ty. S. 0. 104, C. S., Department of Dakota.
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that the shghtest clinical evidence for such a \dew is worthy of consid-
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After a time a blister may be applied, as a considerable effusion
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Suggestive as the above symptoms are of hypersecretion,
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Ge.sellsch., Ziirich, 1890, Ixxix, 170.— Fisk (G.) Foods;
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Palermo, in which six of the seven children were deaf-
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bed requirements by the desired percentage according to various
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immediately or almost immediately set in and the death of the animal
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months ago, after much exposure to cold and wet, he complained of unusual palpita-
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corresponds to the biliverdin or normal bile-pigment of herbaceous animals.
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The eyes of the observer hitherto have been fixed on the cells and
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This we presume is not desired by the fastidiously decent and virtuous
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Second year's students : C. M. Taylor, Wrawby, Brigg, College
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eral and indiscriminate perusal or circulation, shall not
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existed before the expulsive action of the womb was set up ; while in certain
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humanity, transplanted them into their stronger soil, where they
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physical signs over the upper part of the chest are
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the university and received his degree in 1892. In August, 1893, he began his
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where does the blood come from that causes this con-
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digestible and palatable form, and in as great a variety as