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0 Barach, A. L., and Beck, G. .1.: Am. ,J. Med. 16: 55
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Number of patients limited, assuring personal attention from the staff.
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State are doing a fabulous job in public relations.
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I tories of J. R. Geigy, A.G., at Basle in Switzer-
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P^ifth District — Richard B. Cuthbert, Jr., Canastota
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tween the two diseases is, " that in hysteria, much as the lar-
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rendered and a bill submitted to an insurance carrier
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12. McWhirter, R.: Am. J. Roentgenol. 62: 335 (Sept.)
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39. Allen, J. G., Inouye, H. S., and Sykes, C.: Ann. Surg.
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of the best original essay, not exceeding one hundred
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It can be done through the schools ; through women’s