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ago some cases first attracted the attention of medical
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she went to sleep and did not awaken till nine the next
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probably due to the entrance of air through the catheter. Peri-
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insensible, the reflex action would not be induced. The anes-
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infant and orphan asylums and liomes for the poor and
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the peri-uterine tissue and thus keep the uterus up by means
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as in the past. The states near the place of meeting
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the same since the organisation of the Association, at a time
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ments, believing that the life of the mother should be given
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and it was customary for a man to drink several bottles
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be palpated. Remember that the tube entering the horn
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between rheumatism and chorea, but according to his own
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of travel, yet as a statement it is true in general, as Arctic
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The little patient was extremely emaciated, with a small and
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America in making proper provision for epileptics, will be held
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consider that he is wholly disabled, within the meaning of
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and the app(aidages left. It had a peculiar oval shape and
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or myocarditic affection, and the presence of cells and cylin-
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Richardson, Boston, chairman, was called for, and in the ab-
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an active part in such organizations, they will be only too glad
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cleanse the various cavities, exposing the brain to in-
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cedure which can be palpated externally, it is withdrawn
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and nausea which ends in vomiting very much like an
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Dr. McCormack then moved to reconsider the vote by which
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made against political combinations, against perpetu-
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at first is normal, later becomes cystitic, and finally purulent
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Kahlden asserted that traumatism is the most important factor
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spleen are those of acute splenic fever and the organ is en-
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the influence exerted on the heart and kidneys by antitoxin,
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lioid cells and leukocytes, without the regular arrange-
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imbibition than the normal corneal tissue, and that perhaps
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troops can not be definitely stated, but the prevalence
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quite rare. Sacral teratoma did not arise from the sacrum, but
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are united with one or two sutures. The wound generally heals
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vesicorectal paralysis. Improvement, then stationary. Removal of
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cytosis found on microscopic examination of the blood ;
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in diameter, and suitable treatment conducted on the lines laid
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■cal incision 15 to 20 cm. long extending downward from the
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what organ was the seat of the disease. His complaint began
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