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pipes untrapped and connected with drain or with soil pipe ;

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tenant-Oolonel A. Cameron, Bengal Establishment, Civil Surgeon oil

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while there was a high mortality in iS9n and 1,-92, the death-rate in 1841

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which is a very good one, he went on to discuss the science of

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condyle; the soft contei ts of the zygomatic fossa, which is almost en-

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of the patliological and bacterioscopic investigations have

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Your prompt and careful attention to this notice is strongly

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quences on the survivors of a kind rendering any legal subter-

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tifying ; what was worth doing was worth paying for. At

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the mucous covering can be seen a well marked submucous

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of our predecessors. The allections to which I refer are those

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The Chaibm-an submitted the following draft report on this

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taken place, the statement that simultaneously with the ex-

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convention by the great Powers which have already signed it

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Maddison. Biistol. tN J. Niveo, M.S., Oldham ; Dr. A D. U Napier,

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well to look at a paper upon CoUes's fracture by Mr. Robert

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to the latter. Dr. A.'s course of procedure would be in strict accord with

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Surgeon captain A. Silcock, Bengal Establishment, < ivil surgeon, for

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Enough having been said regarding the hepatic diabetic

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Reports, dated January 23rd and March 20th, 1893, of the

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Battalion South Lancashire Regiment date the 9th Lancashire), has re-

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Although cholecystotomy has undergone various modifica-

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be statues of iEsculapius, Hygeia, Minerva, and Apollo, the

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the previous year ; but with the larger number of workmen employed,

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Emperor has ordered that all disinfecting apparatus purchased abroad

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Ceena (D.). Notes on the Newer Remedies. Pp. 178. 1893.

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London Hospital; M G. Dyson, St. Bartholomew's Hospital; E. S.

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stated in each case the pay and emoluments of the rank are associated.

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think a public inquiry best. With regard to crimes, our