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improve the muscular power by massage and baths, and by daily gentle

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to establish an identity between the local asphyxia observed in the

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restricting all movements of the thoracic vertebrae.

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swellings, apt to be mistaken for hernia, are formed — varicose groin glands.

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hypodermic injection. The following is a good solution for hypodermic

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muscle may be seen when it is opened, and later on the mucous membrane

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An empyema can usually be distinguished by noticing that the upper

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tlieir litter is not changed often enough, whereby it

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are, or have been, the subjects of syphilis ; but it is doubtful whether such

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carefully controlled. The patient appreciates more readily the

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large intestine, the motions may have been narrowed before the onset of

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dance, are completely relieved if glucose is given immediately.

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Persons who have been in the tropics, and who have had frequent attacks

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35 ; that it develops in people not in good health, as does ordinary gout, but

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when the liver is slowly destroyed by cirrhosis, it is not surprising that the

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minute or two. It can be hastened by gently rotating the slide. Since,