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sure to the air, it absorbs oxygen, and becomes yellowish and thicker.
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L hUemulhf, it maj be used most adrantageouslj in alEedions of the
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to check or increase their effects, and this power he fre-
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its progress, filling its ranks with half-educated men,
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of them have a less proportion of this than the sulphate, in consequence
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Vit will he advisable to have recourse to that of the first or larger wir
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sugar without further dilution. These were designated in the Pharma-
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is the root of Curcuma Zedoaria, growing in the East Indies, where it
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to it. It is not a matter of indifference to the recovery of
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have been recommended in chronic cystirrhoea, chronic pyelitis, leucor-
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flHue, and that tonics may act by increasing it, still, it does not follow
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the frequency of pulse and heat of skin, and often exciting the secretory
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off by the atmosphere or by the clothes. It is not always
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hand of the patient, and a wire from the other was attached to the
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or thirty grams. It maj be given also in infusion, made with half an
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practitioner, physician) into a masterful, self-confident, self-
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tiirialy when compared with that from exposure to the influence of lead, for
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ing plentiful, but not excessive supply of blood, which is the proper
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absorption from the former organ. Its powerful direct stimulant action,
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the subjt-ct, and states as the result of his examination, that two new
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this purpose it is frequently used with the compound extract of colo-
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habitants fond of it, cooking it as a food in many different
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be beneficially employed, and tlie principles upon which I believe it
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of €»gg, to bc! applied to the part by a brush; the application to Ik* re-
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introduction to the stern realities of life. ^^ (See
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rdimetK, and ercn aogmenting' tte menstnuU fox; and I bare rerf
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tried the remedy, he gave GO grammes (nearly two troy ounces) of ether
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uptake is plotted as a function of time for a given temperature. The
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1x1 aucUcm prwsiralio} ucrurrmg wi Utr advaiived Biagts of iawc fevers.
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exposure, or by heat, but always retains abont 4 per cent, or two eqs. of ,
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known ; he has scarce time to eat or sleep, and, as
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deaths take place during the night than during the day.
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Yarrow is a mild aromatic tonic and astringent. It has been used in
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Hrnted air may be employed ft>r the same purposes. The bodj
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quent, and the patient more restless and delirious under the stimulant, it^H
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to submit to confined and sedentary occupations ; in none
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digested — the acid acting as a stimulant to the healthy sto-
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indoetion machine or galvanic battery. A mild current should be used at first, to
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ture for 45 days. Two days prior to challenge the mice were caged