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which this organism, rare in the literature of other than traumatic

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in the special neuropsychiatric hospitals devoted to these cases

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eyes are shut of the initial position will be required very frequently ; and

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stands in the way of crediting the bloodvessels with the transmission of

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order to prevent the formation of fresh adhesions, attached the tube to the

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Dr. Blocq reports that a patient suffering with tabes and general paralysis,

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doctrine of having this or that remedy indicated in certain symp-

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1911-18, American Medical Association and the Brooklyn Patho-

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rises (e. g. the hilum). Further as the disease does not always begin

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present in about the same quantity at all times in healthy adults.

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slight disturbances will produce great increase of temperature,

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and in England between the profession and the friendly societies.

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when morbidity is high, the value of team work by physicians

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on one side, in the form of otitis media, with mucous or purulent exudation,

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When the symptoms have become so marked as to be unmistakable, it is

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so recognized by Major Thomas W. Salmon, Medical Officers Re-

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are freshly saturated with the iodized solution and then covered with gutta-

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scars of adenitis all imply an antecedent infection though not neces-

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the patient of Berger,^ who, after two days of slight dyspnoea, suddenly

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have taken place from a physical or medical standpoint! The

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ligated en masse before the tissues are divided. When the ureter can be

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Glaeser* (3), Macguire^ (1), Bristowe* (4), and Bruns^ (3) ; in which this

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Physicians and Students. By Dr. Ernst Ziegler, Professor of

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more clear by this theory. Both are but different localizations of the same

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three ovaries, which had been removed on account of " ovarian neuralgia or

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when we can discover the head of the pancreas, which it sur-

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on the under surface, V/2 inches, irregular in outline. Omental tissue was

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directly attributable, not to the operation, but to the operator — to irifection,

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eral groups. The first group, diffuse haematomata, may extend as an even

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without drainage of the abdominal wound after the washing of the

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in which none of these are present. As a result of degenerative

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As to the choice of that operation there can scarcely be two opinions —

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S. A., age, 60 years, carpenter. This patient was referred from