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good volume. Bronchitis may be present, the appetite is lost, and the

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ished when necessary. In order to obtain the required pressure the

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cells may ensue. Uric acid and phosphoric acid may originate in the

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The symptoms are varied both in character and in intensity. There

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* See " The Practical Application of Hydrotherapy, " a clinical lecture

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Brussels sprouts may be eaten, as they only contain about

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For institutions the hot-air cabinet is a complete apparatus.

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that the authorities were compelled to abandon the effort for

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duced cutaneous hyperemia and some perspiration. This was followed by a tub

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which was mentioned (vide Clinical History) as noticeable in the nails

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numerous, the breath-sounds will be obscured, but after free expectora-

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cause he desires to disarm prejudice and to disseminate a more exact

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the body and constant agitation of the cooling water against the skin.

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ache, severe lumbar pains, peculiar facies and pulse, nausea, and vomit-

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statistics show an average of twenty years, and are interest-

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organism of the common forms of the disease. While important recent

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such there are violent headaches, retraction of the head, rigidity, pho-

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they early contain the bacilli. In tuberculosis in the aged tubercle

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diminished in amount, dark-colored, and often contains a slight amount

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ing-water and to hygienic improvements. In the same city the mor-

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ness of the individual. The tendency to hemorrhage was

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as is demonstrated by the enlargement of the abdominal veins which

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pally takes place in the internal organs (spleen, bone-marrow, etc.).

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If Levis was caught in an emergency without an instrument

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irregular undulations until defervescence, which takes place by lysis. In

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cated. In gynaecological cases the rubber bulb syringe is preferred by

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ments to hold its meeting that year at Niagara Falls. When the

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ing about suppuration when the latter is unavoidable or desirable.

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only three or four pounds. The stream issuing through a sprinkler

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oculist and eye surgeon, still doing good work. Dr. Charles

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vention of the paroxysm by a daily cold douche, repeated twice within

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with cold compresses, and, according to the statement of Smoler, it is

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will modestly vote, in all that pertains to an accomplished and

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perature is subnormal for several daj's — a circumstance due to the weak-

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excellent resume of the work of a large general hospital. From 1882

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of pregnancy successfully through a case of typhoid fever with the

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who is engaged in civil jn-actice will be permitted to draw full

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favor of the Parisians ; few said anything in favor of Sims,

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|i) per cent, to 70 per ceiii., liiis Ontario .Medical Cotineil is of