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malleolar, saphenous nerve. Of these points the most important are the

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r^ular record was kept of this case. He was not operated on. Fur-

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sistent symptom of inflammation of the bladder is pain. This may be

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the face is pallid. The spasm is at first tonic, with arrest of respiration,

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The pulsion diverticulum is single, and arises from the posterior wall

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than potatoes. Artificial foods, peptones, etc., much used as they are,

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are frequently prominence and hardness, but the muscles lack the well-

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which accompanies them, and the great swing of the temperature. Sep-

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serum kills the simple hyaline forms before they gain entrance into the

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tient or his medical attendant. I consider all primary heroic treat-

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by the failure finally to develop pustules. The varicella pocks are also

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Surgical interference is very frequent in trigeminal neuritis. As

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the density is increased and the muscle in considerable part replaced by

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provided with four suckers. The narrow neck soon becomes trans-

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matory affections, especially bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia, and atelec-

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of the solar plexus have been associated with disease of the capsules, it has

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which the variations in the quality of the pericardial fluid can be abso-

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We do not know what symptoms are produced by disturbances of the

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one-fourteenth grain of strychnine and one-half grain of cocaine. We

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nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, however, is inert, is not decomposed in

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nized after the abdomen has been opened by the surgeon or at the autopsy.

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five centimetres long, lives in the caecum, usually in small numbers,

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connection with the many rational sjmptonifi of valvular disease, it

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by good authority to be especially harmful in those cases in which there

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occurred on both sides. If the current was very weak they were limited to the mus-

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to be produced by thiosinamine. The local treatment is of especial value.

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For some years past, Mr. Bouchut has been in the habit of pointing

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cretions or foreign bodies, the former being found in about one-half

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a chill, although there is but little subsequent fever, except in septic em-

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anaemia. According to Henry, the blood-count varies between two and

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