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stock mixture which keeps indefinitely, and can be employed without

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nervous system producing insidious forms of paralysis, locomotor ataxy,

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edition appeared, and as the duty then devolved upon us of introducing

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in his flock for the physician's benefit by an offer of free service to the

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of blood pressure from loss of blood, the further progress of the

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Hale concluded by some observations on dynamization. which he

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irritation causes a change of nutrition which is propagated

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if it is demonstrated that the bacilli of cholera are present

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tion or of the recently-delivered female, may all mask the early dinicsd

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which are to characterise practical experience. The great

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under whatever plea, will yet have to be replaced with more

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tion, when we go on to speak of hemorrhages under their separate

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the night of the seventh day, after the stitches had been removed, while

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inconvenience, and had it not been forthe autopsy no one

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greatly exaggerated. The exciting factor in an attack

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drinker "-makes believe" more, talking of what he has been doing and

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bacillus, while streptococci were present in abundance.

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placenta, which readily yielded to my efforts. In the

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1 or 2 // in diameter down to those just within the Hmits of the

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her in consultation and advised postponement of operation; she

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frequently with adhesions to the iris and at times cyclitis with

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mediately succeeded by a chilliness, shivering, and a slight

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quadrillions; and yet a few minim.i of this eighth culture pos-

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clavian before the class at the City Hospital a month ago. There was

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with indefinite prodromata of malaise, irregular febrile attacks associated

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artificially fed, one of the greatest difficulties is

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It is certainly far more rare than the synovitis of scarlet fever and

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Fraenkel * says : " It is not very uncommon for swelling

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which is placed on the floor at the side of the bed or

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Jul 30-Aug 1 Ninth Annual Hematology/Oncology Reviews, Amelia Island, FL. AMA Category 1 credit avail. Mayo

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but there is no pain, because, as you observe, my electrodes

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it may be removed with the smaller molar forceps, or even by

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the spherical masses of concrete, we shall find that they consist

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in water; to prevent poisoning, drink their o^^^l urine;

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or from the isthmus with scissors, without any risk of troublesome